Android ePOS systems



Jednoduchá pokladna pro tablety a mobilyVíce jak 100 servísních míst

All prices of our pos products are one time payment We provide free online technical support, no hidden and surprise fee


Pos system solution with no hidden fee.

Basic Product

Basic cash register system

KASA FIK s tiskarnou EET Pokladna Android
  • Free to use our software without any cost
  • Sell from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Receipts feature
  • Discounts feature.
  • Track inventory feature
  • Receipts history feature.
  • Basic reports export feature.
  • Support feature


Our Most Popular Products

  • Instant upgrades
  • Reduce long lines and wait times
  • Accurately forecast sales
  • easy to master
  • Export/Import CSV/XML
  • Flexible Taxes
  • Sales Screen
  • Custom Sale
  • Simple Site Creation
  • Real Time Data
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only for 3.99,- USD
No additional fee
First year package
SEJF Price : 32,- USD


Elegant Ambiance, Friendly Prices

KASA FIK HIT Pokladna pro EET
  • Fine design and outstanding functionality.
  • Touch Screen 10-inch
  • Built-in 58mm printer
  • LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB
  • Fully integrated with CASHFIX ClASSIC application program
  • Supports drawer connectivity, display and Display line reader.
  • Technical support
hanya 509,- USD
379,- USD
Package 1+1 No additional fee

We lead the market

E- Point of Sales

Our prices are friendly. Suitable for stores and restaurants of all sizes and provides users with a Point of sales, as well as integrated with our cloud base

  • chevron_right Guaranteed no surprises and no hidden fee
  • chevron_right Used by more than 25000 entrepreneurs
  • chevron_right online customer services chat

Free version

Without cost

Designed to function touchscreen devices

Our checkout feature is integrated with backoffice system that allows online monitoring your business

  • chevron_right Checkout supervised
  • chevron_right Online accessed from PC or mobile phone
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Mobile sales

Simple & Intuitive inventory system

Good inventory control system includes a wide selection of processes from receiving & transferring stock, invoices and customers list management

  • chevron_right Your Business right in the palm of your hand
  • chevron_right Securely manage and analyse your transactions

Accept credit cards

payment terminals

Expertly integrate your business profitability with VISA and MASTERCARD payments methods.

  • chevron_right Without changes Bank
  • chevron_right Good deal
  • chevron_right Free Installation


Self-Checkout Systems

Build and design solutions that act as one with the consumer, allowing them to quickly interact, resolve discrepancies,tender transactions and scan with little-to-no attendant interaction.

  • chevron_right Reducing labor costs
  • chevron_right Reducing lines and increasing throughput
  • chevron_right Convenient, simple, and fast checkout transactions

CASHFIX making your sales simple is ours

Bring your own Android devices - we supply the program with no Hidden fee

Selected references of satisfied customers

Designed for small and medium scale retail businesses

Makes life easy and get your business started instantly, offers more functionality and flexibility than you could have imagined.

one time investment!

Our prices are friendly and guaranteed, no surprises and no hidden fee

Cloud enable system

You don’t have to worry about running out of storage space, theft, accidents and calamities ever again. All data is stored in multiple off-site servers that have 24/7 security and several layers of redundancy.

CASHFIX Features


Works even if disconnected from the internet

offline - online CASHFIX system allows you to continue your sales work without an internet connection, simplified and Efficiently synchronization between online back-office and offline CASHFIX POS, amazingly all your data are kept in a centralized database that is coherent and accurate.


CASHFIX online support

Our online customer services chat are always available via email and live chat.


Automatic updates and upgrades

CASHFIX help you run a well-organized and profitable business and we keeps innovating and introducing features, patches, fixes and automatically updating to guaranteed your bussines always be a step ahead of competition.



Excellent system with no hidden fees, easy to use, contemporary and intuitive.


Multi Store Management

See consolidated reporting in real time, down to the product, employees & customers, run reports on a group of locations, access permissions and administrators get to access all outlets and registers do all of this from anywhere in the world.


CASHFIX pricing

Set-up pricing, tax rates and enable discounts per item or in bulk for one or more locations.