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CASHFIX spesial culinary business

Grow your culinary or retail business with CASHFIX

Designed to make your business more efficient and to help you better serve your customers.

CASHFIX ORANGE – a reliable, modern and user-friendly cash operations solution

  • chevron_rightPurposeful technology and excellent material quality
  • chevron_rightFully integrated with CASHFIX CLASSIC application program supported 200 items products to sell
  • chevron_rightBuilt-in thermal printer
  • chevron_rightCharge faster and last longer
  • chevron_rightMulti-point touch screen


PLUS keep you organized and PLUS ready for anything, even during the busiest times

  • chevron_rightOrganize items by category Easily navigate through product variants and modifiers
  • chevron_rightMenu buttons can be configured with colors and pictures
  • chevron_rightForecasts ingredient usage and notifies you when it is time to reorder.
  • chevron_rightOffer a variety of promotions including percentage discounts
  • chevron_rightAbility to wirelessly print receipts
  • chevron_rightRealtime Inventory
  • chevron_rightSecurity Features quick and easy method for validating who is accessing and using your CASHFIX POS System
  • chevron_rightRealtime reporting make you easily monitor and manage your business from a remote location.
Kasa FIK EET Pokladna PLUS pro Gastronomii

Easy to use, convenience & accuracy in the palm of your hand

The Advantages of CASHFIX ORANGE for your Business

  • chevron_rightOrganize items by category Easily navigate through product variants and modifiers
  • chevron_rightSuper simple to use, feature rich and cost effective solution
  • chevron_rightAn intuitive touch screen to improves transaction efficiency across all types of business
  • chevron_rightMaximize your sales with quicker check processing that leads to more table turnovers and less wait time
  • chevron_rightWi-Fi and 3G connectivity make your business will always be connected.

3d box kasa fik box ORANGE-KLASIK

An Affordable Solution from CASHFIX CLASSIC

  • doneOur prices are friendly and guaranteed no surprises and no hidden fee
  • doneEmployee access controls
  • donePrint reports to screen, printer or export file (including delimited text and MS Excel)
  • doneChoose between sales-prices including sales-tax (VAT) or without taxes
  • doneOnline and Offline system
  • doneApply discounts to an individual item or an entire order
  • doneSynchronise your payment and sales tax information
  • doneCreate product variations such as size, color and material
  • donesupported 200 items products to sell
  • doneSecurely manage and analyze your transactions
  • doneManage inventory in real-time
  • doneMulti-currency Point Of Sale (POS) system

All you can wish from CASHFIX Packages

I wish for a CASHFIX POS System packages, cash register, printer, CLASSIC CASHFIX software, no surprises and no hidden fee….


I wish for a CASHFIX POS System packages, cash register, printer, PLUS CASHFIX software, no monthly fee, no surprises and no hidden fee and widescreen :

CASHFIX 14′ systém PLUS: 639,- USD exclude VAT

How about only for the software, I do have my own Mobile phone or Tablet:


CASHFIX PLUS: 219,- USD exclude VAT

All good for me :

CASHFIX FREE mobile phone only: 0,- USD Free TAX

As our valued client, we promise you…