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CASHFIX Features


Works even if disconnected from the internet

offline – online CASHFIX system allows you to continue your sales work without an internet connection, simplified and Efficiently synchronization between online back-office and offline CASHFIX POS, amazingly all your data are kept in a centralized database that is coherent and accurate.


CASHFIX online support

Our online customer services chat are always available via email and live chat.


Automatic updates and upgrades

CASHFIX help you run a well-organized and profitable business and we keeps innovating and introducing features, patches, fixes and automatically updating to guaranteed your bussines always be a step ahead of competition.



Excellent system with no hidden fees, easy to use, contemporary and intuitive.


Multi Store Management

See consolidated reporting in real time, down to the product, employees & customers, run reports on a group of locations, access permissions and administrators get to access all outlets and registers do all of this from anywhere in the world.


CASHFIX pricing

Set-up pricing, tax rates and enable discounts per item or in bulk for one or more locations.